Frequently asked questions

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Is it legal to provide trading signals?

Trading Alerts collaborates with a number of international parties that specialize in providing analyzes and trading signals. All these parties have the necessary licences.

These signals come directly from Senior Technical Analysts with STA, MsTA or CMT qualifications. They are based in Ottawa, Paris and Hong Kong and provide signals for hundreds of assets 24 hours a day.

What are the Trading Alerts based on?

We give different types of trading signals.

Most signals are based on technical analysis. Furthermore, we send important market updates (fundamental analysis), and with this we link to updates from market leaders.

Why Trading Alerts?

There are basically two types of signals.

  1. Trading signals and trading tools for professional full-time traders: the price can be at least €120,000 per year, for such as the Bloomberg Terminal.
  2. Unfortunately, many signal providers act as a scam organization. The signals are sent randomly without any substantiation, and are usually “made” by marketing departments of various online brokers.


As you can see, there is actually no solution for the non-professional (part-time) or beginner trader. That is why we started with Trading Alerts.

How can i cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is easy.

You go to “my account”, and then click on “my subscription”.

Then click on “view” on the selected product. To complete the process, click on “cancel”, and then your subscription has been canceled.

Will my subscription automatically be renewed?

Yes, if you do not cancel the automatic renewal, you will be charged monthly.